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Heavenly Gates is a company that’s been operating since 2005, with more than 25 years of collective experience manufacturing and installing decorative works for doors, balconies, gates, fences and decorative works in aluminum, iron, brass, stainless steel and others, including a combination of metals, and also wood or glass. We are the company that will take the dream work you’ve imagined and turn it into an amazing reality.


Everything starts with a small hand sketch, which goes on to become a fully detailed engineering plane from which we stem the final production.


We also create outer gates with all the automated systems already installed so you can take advantage of the latest technology and use it to employ automatic gate operators and communications devices.


All our work is painted with Powder Paint Coast as finishing and using the Kinar First process to ensure durability and product quality. We have developed other lines of work such as canopies, treilles, pergolas, as well as aluminum hard rooftops, Bahama louvre, and ventilation systems following the same concept.

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